A Tyroliana is the First Adventure Park Multi Activity in Corsica. With 6Ha for tree climbing. 25 Km for bikes practice. More than 30 Km of wild trails to Hiking. The Park is Canyon, Canyoning & Aquatic hikes too. There is for childs upper 3 years specials course.

There is a restaurant day and night

Pizzeria - Grill - Snaking

Adventure Park Multi Activity

Adventure Park in Corsica

Adventure Park A Tyroliana - Tree Climbing- Baby Park - Rent Bikes - Canyoning and rappeling tours - Climbing - Hikking

Family activity & Unique feeling
Tree Climbing - Baby Park
From 3 to 80 Years
  • 10 Course
  • +160 Deck
  • Yodel more than 180 Meters...


Unforgettable Day & Discovery Corsica and Corsican
Hiking "Corsica Discovery"

Lavish Hiking. Dicover Wildlife,  flora and Corsica treasures.

  • Hiking "Corsica Discovery"
  • Hiking "Corsica Adventurer"
  • GR


Crystal Water of south Corsica & Guaranteed thrill
Canyoning and Aquatic hikes

Canyoning & Aquatic hikes, from 7 years

  • Secure Rappeling Tours with expert
  • Exclusive Aquatic hikes with A Tyroliana
  • GoPro Rental


Speed & Pleasure
Bikes Rental

Rent from 2:00 to 15 days

  • VTT & BEA (Bikes Electric Assist)
  • Tracks on place
  • Wild area.


"A Tyroliana - The First Adventure Park Multi Activity from Corsica"

Tree Climbing - Canyoning - Bike Rental - Climbing- Hiking

Reduce Garbage

A Tyroliana made his forest impact lower than possible.

Solar Pannel / Biological wash / Local and bio food / Special tree course with non impact tree developpement

A Tyroliana

All year A Tyroliana made his environemental impact lower as possible This year we reduce the flyer more than 50%.